Founded by Yvonne Clarke and Alwyn Whiteman, we are an experienced and progressive Architecture & Interior Design studio, providing service to clients across the UK and Ireland. Having a long-standing professional relationship, we worked independently for 15+ years, both in commercial and our own private practises, but often collaborated and sought counsel from each other.

It was in 2014 that we finally took the plunge and formally joined forces, harmonising our distinctive approaches to consistently deliver considerate and meaningful design.


We specialise in the integration of all facets of Architecture and Interior Design from inception to completion, seamlessly matching interior with exterior. While we work predominantly within the Hotel & Hospitality sector, we are also extensively practised in Retail Development, Housing Development and Conservation Works; as well as taking on smaller scale private projects. Such diversity has facilitated our recognition of the individuality of each project, hence our company ethos evolved to include an aspect of GENIUS LOCI (meaning ‘Spirit of Place’) in everything we do.

Simply, through interpretive inclusion of specific historical, physical or conceptual elements we aim to respectfully capture the intangible atmosphere unique to each location – epitomised in our social media hashtag – #designwithprovenance


We begin first and foremost with our clients, whereby we intuitively listen and observe to discern their highest expectations. With the belief that successful design can transform an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one, we elevate our clients ambitions to devise ‘human-centred’, functional and aesthetically outstanding spaces that will endure.

Understanding the importance of collaboration, we have established strong relationships with the highest quality tradespeople and design consultants who support us in realising our design solutions.